I'm really not sure what to put here.  I asked my daughter to write this for me, but she has opted out of the task. Dang.

​I suppose I'll start by just introducing myself; I'm Jen.  That's me over there on the right.  I just took that picture as I was thinking about what to write.

I suppose all you really need to know is I'm the crafter of all the items you'll see in my shop. Every item is made by hand by me.  I will generally be crafting in my workspace  while listening to music or podcasts,  and sometimes I'll make things while watching Netflix in my living room.  

I started off my life living in central Canada (in Toronto and Niagara Falls regions), then lived way out west in the Vancouver area and on Vancouver Island.  I now live clear across the country in Moncton, New Brunswick and I love it to pieces. Outside of crafting things, I love learning. Pretty much everything in life is fascinating, or at least interesting, if you look at it right.

​That reminds me of a line I love from the Grateful Dead song, "Scarlet Begonias":

Once in a while
you get shown the light
in the strangest of places
if you look at it right

It's a great line. Things just grab you sometimes and it's pretty amazing.

Anyhow, I just do things how they make sense to me in my own little corner of the world. For environmental and ethical reasons I don't eat animals. It's also nice that it's something that is good for my body, but first and foremost I don't want to support the suffering of animals, and I definitely don't want to add to the destruction of our earth. This also has a trickle-down effect in many areas of my life (like making my own deodorant, and dryer balls, for example) and I like that it makes me more conscious of things.  I take things a little slower and do things the long way, and I love it.

​Basically I suppose what I'd like you to know is that I'm a real person over here. Every stitch of every knit or crocheted item was done by my hands, every word stamped in metal was stamped one letter at a time by me. I have long struggled with depression and anxiety, and I have Ankylosing Spondilitis, which can make life a little less than ideal from time to time.  I appreciate every single sale I have ever made, and am so thankful that people like what I make enough to allow me the space to do what I love while not having to worry if today is a "good" or "bad" day for my mind and body.  I find joy each and every day. Thank you! 

If you have any questions at all about me or what I do, please contact me-- I'm always around. 

Thanks for taking the time to read all my ramblings. :)