Instead of wandering through your day in a haze, feeling unfulfilled, being mindful brings focus to the world around you and has you focus on the moment at hand.

Having this bracelet to gently remind you to be mindful may help you with;

Anxiety - Focusing on one thing brings clarity and quiets the overwhelming sense of "everything".
Depression - Finding joy in moments that often get overlooked.
Life - Really. Being aware of your world and appreciating all the little things makes life much more fulfilling. Who doesn't want that?

The natural macrame hemp cording is adjustable from 17cm (6.5 inches) to 28cm (11 inches), making it a one-size-fits-all. The hemp cording is nice and chunky.

Aluminum tag measures 3.5cm (1.25 inches) by 1.25cm (.5 inches)

If you would like a bracelet like this with different text, please let me know - I'd be happy to make exactly what you're looking for!

Please note, that since every letter is stamped individually by hand, not all text will always be perfectly straight or evenly spaced. 

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